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Diagnostic Wax-up

Diagnostic Wax-upYou’ll find this technology in no other field of health care. Can you imagine an orthopaedic surgeon showing you a detailed sculpture of your hip joint? Not a generic model, but YOUR replicated hip bones. Now, imagine the doctor attaching your replicated hip to a device showing exactly how you, personally, would stand and walk after your new hip was placed? Sounds very futuristic. But advanced dentists work with this technology on a regular basis to insure that your jaw and teeth not only function well, they’ll be esthetically pleasing as an added bonus. While Dr. Keskimaki is thoroughly restoring or enhancing your smile, making certain you have the best look, feel and function is our primary goal. An early step in this process will be to develop a diagnostic model of your completed smile. The diagnostic model provides the team a three-dimensional guide so we start off this process with the results already known.

The model will show your brand new smile in its natural color and translucency. We additionally see how your new smile will improve any kind of bite conditions you may have.
Aided by the diagnostic model you’re enabled to preview, give ideas, help make improvements, and agree to your own “Smile Plan” before any steps are begun. Not only will you see the superb quality of the esthetic improvements in your new smile, the model additionally ensures us that your restorative work is going to function well when talking or chewing.

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